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“Very helpful and informative as well and always available.” –Morgan, 5-29-15

“A question never went unanswered; a member of the team was always on standby.” –Reed, 5-29-15

“Very friendly and easy to approach. Also easy to get a hold of. Brad and Matthew were great during the whole process!”—Thomas, B. –5-59-15

“I like how Eric explained the benefits of refinancing now and explaining other options down the road.” – James 5-29-15

“Matt Denig was very helpful!” – Estep, 5-26-15

“Brad always had all the information and if not he would get the info ASAP.” –Hankins, 3-27-15

“We had a lot of special circumstances that Andrew and Austin helped us with!” – Deusser, 5-19-15

“Never dealt with lenders before, but seemed very personable. I like that they were ready to help.” – Madison, 5-29-15

“Very good at explaining things, made it easier.” –Williams, A., 5-19-15

“Kept us up to date Very friendly, communication was great! Thank you! ☺” –Freeman, 4-24-15

“Very knowledgeable and quick turn around.” –Bauman, 4-23-15

“Consistency in service and attention to detail.”—Smith, 4-22-15

“Great communication!” –O’Toole, 4-7-15

“Friendly and very helpful to new home buyers.” –King, 4-2-15

“Things were done in a very timely and smooth manner even though it had to be mostly electronic communication.”—Johnson, B., 5-29-15

“I liked the electronic signature process.” –Wagner, W., 5-26-15

“Helpful for first home buyer” –Rosensteel, 4-22-15

“Customer service was excellent.” –Hatchel, 5-26-15

“Great service! Austin and his team were great to work with.” –McHugh, 4-2-15

“Thanks to the Fairway team for believing that I could do it!” –Glenn, 6-2-15

“Everyone was so great! I know I probably drove them crazy, but the ladies were always so sweet!  Fun to work with! Thank you, Kelly Harvey!” –Megan D., 2-06-2015

“Thanks, Gatz Team! They were very responsive and quick to reply—great guidance!” Josh P, 12-01-2014

“Thank you so much for all your help, Kristi!  She was very effective in explaining things and helping me understand everything.” –Ashley V., 3-04-2015

“All 5s, Bryant is a Great Guy!!!  Yes, I have referred friends to him!” –Kevin D., 2-04-2015

“Kristi was very easy to contact/get ahold of; she answered all of our questions—I will refer people to her” –Katie M., 2-18-2015

“Everyone was pleasant and knowledgeable. No question went unanswered. I absolutely would refer my friends to Fairway!  Thank you Matt Denig was fantastic to work with!!!” –Lisa E., 2-27-2015

“Austin Larr handled this process professionally and efficiently.  5 stars!” –Shawn B., 2-20-2015

“Loved working with Fairway, I’d refer my family to Fairway.  Kristi Short was easily accessible and no unnecessary meetings.”—Lauren B., 1-12-2015

“Jill Fulk was Awesome! Very Professional, Knowledgeable, Friendly, Accurate and Ethical” –Darrick B., 10-24-2014

“I had the comfort level of working with them in the past, The Gatz Team gets all 5s from me!”  --Michael A., 1-26-2015

“All communication was very friendly and quick.  Kristi was very professional, knowledgeable, helpful, timely, accurate and efficient- I’d recommend Kristi to all my family and friends.” –Brian K., 1-30-2015

“Prompt and Professional Service.  Staff are very friendly and courteous”—Rajesh S., 2-19-2015

“Fairway is very professional, knowledgeable, communicated timely and efficiently, they always checked with me to let me know things were coming along- I loved that!”—Maria B., 3-13-2015

“The process was very quick and efficient”—Timothy I., 3-16-2015

“Fairway Independent Mortgage just really has great people!” Katie I., 11-06-2014

“I absolutely would refer people to Fairway, they are awesome and always available” Dale S., 10-30-2014

“Very professional, friendly, helpful, efficient.  Fairway is very favorable” David N., 3-10-2015

Jill Logsdon was great to work with, she communicated very well and was friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. I would refer my family and friends to Fairway.” Be T., 3-13-2015

“I loved working with Tracy! She was so informative and efficient! Yes, Yes, Yes!!! I would refer a friend to Fairway Mortgage.” – Laura G., 9-30-2014 

“The explanation of all the documents was very helpful to me, I would absolutely recommend Fairway Mortgage—Thank you for all your help.”  - Robert C., 10-03-2014

“Jeffrey had great communication and very professional, YES! I’d recommend Fairway Mortgage!”-Christine S., 8-25-2014

“Great Communication.  Always presented options and was quick to respond.  Very Very Helpful—Thank You!” –Kisha J., 10-18-2014           

“The ability to work through phone and email was great. The Team was wonderful to work with.  Thank you—your team exemplifies customer service!”  - Sally C., 9-29-2014

“Made me feel like the only customer J I'd go on live TV broadcasting how wonderful your company has been to my grandmother and I. I haven't seen my gran this happy since before my grandfather passed away. Thanks again Team Fairway!!”  - Russell S. , 10-31-2014

“Yes! I’d refer a friend or family member to Fairway Mortgage. Jeffrey is the Best! I’ve reached out to him twice for this process and really appreciate working with him” –Ben W., 11-15-2014

“This was the first I’ve worked with a mortgage company, knowledgeable and quick to respond! Yes, I’d refer a friend or family to Fairway!” – Amanda J., 11-14-2014

“All 5s, Fairway and Austin’s Team was extremely prompt at helping and explaining everything throughout the process. “ –Chris W.,11-05-2014

“We began the home buying process not knowing exactly what to expect as this is our first house we have purchased.  The entire process can be quite daunting, and it's easy to get stressed when you hear other people's not so happy experiences of purchasing their home. I could not have asked for a better loan officer than Brad.   He was very patient with me from the beginning. He was quick to adapt to my personality, answered any and every question I had, and believe me, I had a ton!  The process, from start to finish, was a very smooth process.  I am so thankful that we decided to work with Fairway.  What seemed like a distant dream of purchasing our own home became a reality thanks to Brad's help!” –Amber C., 11-03-2014

“All 5s! I would absolutely refer anyone to Fairway Mortgage.  They are awesome, professional and have great communication” – Ronda C., 11-20-2014

“This was a smooth and timely process.” – Corey R., 11-21-2014

 “A special quality that separates Fairway apart from others is that the staff is very available for assistance and help, and they are very friendly!  I have already referred people to them!”  -Jessi G., 11-20-2014

“Fairway was very helpful through extended hours of the day with timely responses—Tracy was very good to us!”  --Stephen P., 11-18-2014

“Fairway is so easy to work with—I tell everyone about them!” – Cameron B., 11-10-2014




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